Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Off the path....

Since Ashley Slater [http://comeoneileen86.blogspot.com/] is such a blogger and so crafty, I thought I should blog about my crafty-ness.

So I have two projects going and I thought I would share them with everyone.

1. Ellie the Elephant

Now everyone knows (or atleast now everyone knows) how much I have rebelled against my mother and sister when it comes to knitting. I'm sorry I have failed you all....I knit. I am making me an elephant. It all started when Hailey decided to make a super cute sock monkey. In our household of you want something that can be made, make it yourself. So mom taught me to knit and now I'm making an elephant. At the moment I am only at row 7 so she doesn't quite look like an elephant. [side note- Betsy is sleeping on the couch next to me, making a quiet yipping noise. must be dreaming of something!] Back to the knitting. It's just a grey circle, type thing. When she is done, she will be sooo cute!!

2. Duffle Bag

I was given a VeraBradley-type duffle bag for christmas one year and the zipper broke so I can't close it. My friend Brandy and I found a pattern to make the same type duffle bag at Hobby Lobby with the 99 cent deal going on. This adventure started on Saturday and it definitely was an adventure. It started back at Hobby Lobby to get the fabric to make it. It required fabric for the bag and a contrast color as well. It also requires a whole lotta bias tape and some piping stuff to go around the edge. Neither of which we could find in the colors we wanted there. Off to Wal-Mart. Nothing there either. Then off to some hole-in-the-wall fabric store which had NOTHING we needed. Well off to the house to cut our fabric since that was the first thing we needed to do anyways. Everything was going smoothly UNTIL I cut out my second to last piece. Brandy had already cut out everything and I had one piece left. That's when it all went wrong. The pattern had us cutting out our contrast for part of the bag! We were under the impression that the whole bag would be of one fabric and the contrast would be the contrast! So now we have a problem. The way our contrast is laid out, we are blinded by it and can hardly see the "bag" part of the bag. What to do..What to do.
Brilliance! add another pocket on it. The pattern already called for one pocket on one side of the bag, why not add another! 
So now we have everything cut out including the padding that goes in the middle and added a pocket to the pattern to tone everything down...

Hopefully everything else will go just fine with the bags...  :)

My Bag:

Brandy's Bag:

..And hopefully I won't pick up anymore projects!


  1. welcome to the fun world of knitting!!!

  2. LOL..... Harlee has rebelled on crafting with me, until Santa had a brillant idea to bring her a Cricut of her own. Now she loves going into my studio to "work"....

  3. I thought I should leave you a comment on here as well...

    I am obsessed with your duffle bag. Your fabrics are SO CUTE. I want one!