Thursday, January 6, 2011

The beginning..

So once again school has started back. But this is the last time that school will start back for me, for I shall graduate in May...I me..

This semester I am taking:
College Geometry
Complex Analysis
Film as Literature and
Horror Film as an Independent Study

I know what you are thinking; there is waaay too much English going on there..Well, what can you do. :)

So this semester, this blog page will serve as my "homework" page for my independent study.
Every week I will post 2 or 3 blogs about the horror films I have watched and the books that I read.

There maybe some references to my Film as Literature class on here as well. Some of the movies will be used and some of the books for my Film as Lit class are on the movies I watch for my Horror class.

So you are welcomed to join me on this adventure I am about to embark upon (for I have never watched a Horror film in my LIFE) and explore the characters, scene, story line, and such that make up the genre called: Horror.


  1. I'm a horror film buff and I am going to love reading this....
    Good luck with your classes!!!


  2. I too LOVE horror in all of its gory glory, so if you ever want to discuss/watch a film together, let me know!

  3. Very good. I will watch Phantom of the Opera with you but that is about all..haha