Friday, February 11, 2011

"Hello Sydney......"

film: Scream (1996) Directed by Wes Craven. 

This is the first film this semester that has freaked me out! And I liked it! :) 

And it all started one night with a simple phone call........

Wes Craven, one of the masters of horror, has created a film that had me on the edge of my seat and peeking through my fingers. He takes no time to throw the viewer into the terror and gore. Seconds after the intro plays the first kill comes into play. The tension of knowing what is to come builds over a lengthy time and then continues through the rest of the film. There aren't any moments in the film where the viewer would feel comfortable.

This "monster" is very different from the others I have seen so far this semester. Here we don't know the identity of the killer till the end. And for me, it wasn't who I expected it to be. The killers of the past films were creatures with an uncontrolled "natural instinct". This film has a human killer with out any "natural instincts" to kill people, but yet he does. This killer twisted the film entirely for the characters and made the viewers questioned who was innocent and who really was killing those people. I found myself constantly saying, "Who is this guy?" The suspense of not knowing who it is helps to increase the tension of the film. For until now I knew who the killer is in the past films and there is a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach because I didn't know who this masked man was. I did not like it.

The storyline for this film was hilarious. The whole thing is based off horror films using the same rules described in the film. Randy, a extreme horror movie buff, continually tells the viewer what is going to happen throughout the film. Though because of the personality the character has, that cause the viewer to not take him seriously and dismiss everything he tells you. It's like the writer did the old saying of "hiding in plain sight". The writer of the film basically ruins the film for you by telling you all the important details, but wrote it in such a way that no one would realize it until the end.

Favorite part of Scream. Especially at time 0:40-1:18 with an extreme liking at time 1:08-1:18.

Questions I have about the film:
1. Why was Tatum not killed like the others who Ghostface killed?
2. Who actually killed her? Her boyfriend or Billy?
3. How did Ghostface get into that bathroom where Sydney was without her or those other two girls noticing? Even if he came through the ceiling tiles 1 of those 3 should have noticed.

Something I have been thinking about with this film is that: If these two boys could watch a few horror films and then decide to go on a killing spree for no apparent reason, what does that say about the horror genre? Is it likely that a portion of the violent murder crimes are influenced by watching horror films? From this the question also brings up the debate on violent video games as well. The killers in Scream saw some stuff on T.V. and decided to try it for themselves, though it did not turn out the way they had planned it. Especially for those who experience the same events as Billy did (his mom left his father because his father cheated on her), one might believe that they could do what Billy did.

Well I have ZERO intentions of ever going on a killing spree so there is not worry there. :)

I enjoyed this movie a lot-a lot-a lot....

Next up: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) to catch up on the book "The Monster Show"

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  1. Danielle:
    I really like the questions you asked at the end there and your final thoughts about why the boys kill. Billy gives us a reason for why he started killing, but is your question more directed at the number of killings?
    Do you think that horror could influence young kids?
    This was a very strong post.